Keynote Speakers

Teimuraz Murgulia

Teimuraz Murgulia is a Sustainable Development Professional with 20 years of experience in the field. His research focuses on the fusion of development measurement, good governance, and innovative technologies. His long term career as a public servant, including being Head of Parliamentary Budget Office, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development; Environment and Natural Resources; Education and Science is closely related to his advocacy for achieving better transformation with public money. Teimuraz is an author of publications on Public Finance Management, Green Economy, Digital Transformation; speaker for international forums and conferences; author and driver for educational projects in the field of the Sustainable Development (ESD); key development consultant for nation-level information systems worldwide. Currently, together with co-minded professional, he develops a brand-new think tank in Georgia - "Sustainable Development and Governance Institute" and works on his book "Develometrics - Understanding and Shaping Development Sustainability".


Ali T. Akarca

Ali T. Akarca is a Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago with which he has been affiliated since 1975.  He has also worked as a Research Associate at the Department of Public Policy Studies of the University of Chicago during 1978-1980.  His articles on the behavior of oil prices and their impact on the economy; the effect of tax rate changes on tax revenues; economic, social, and political determinants of election outcomes and of government performance; causes and consequences of coups; and economic and political consequences of internal migration are published in various books and journals. His analyses and accurate predictions about Turkish elections regularly appear in the media.  


Roman Bokeria

Roman Bokeria is General Director (CEO) of Georgian National Airline “Georgian Airways”. Also, Roman Is Founding Partner & Director of Georgian-American private investment fund “Georgian Development Found”. Additionally, Roman is invited professor at Georgian Aviation University. He has well-balanced background, both educationally and managerially, in Finance, Business Law, Investment Project Management, Cargo Business and Aviation. In August 2010 Roman received an MBA degree in Finance and Investments from the University of Tampa (UT) – Florida, USA. In 2003, he received a Law Degree from Tbilisi State University - Georgia and in 1997, International Economist Degree from Saint Petersburg State University - Russia. Roman held various positions with Georgian Government, including being Deputy Auditor General of Georgia. After working with The United State Government Accountability Office and American business sector from 2007 to 2019. Today he is managing Georgian national aviation’s “Georgian Airways” transformation to the new era in Aviation industry.